Vanessa is a New York City based Fashion + Lifestyle Editor, Journalist and Content Creator. With a background in print magazines, she has an eye for putting cohesive and timely stories together through social and digital media. She currently works in the fashion, wellness and women's lifestyle spaces. Most recently, Vanessa was the Associate Fashion Editor at PeopleStyle Magazine where she also contributed to

She is an Instagram influencer through @style.ness where she tests and spotlights products for the 'style-obsessed' in fashion, tech, wellness and home. 

Vanessa is an entrepreneurial problem solver with a passion for sharing stories and products through digital media. She is at the forefront of all cultural trends with a talent for effective social media marketing and digital strategy. See below for a list of services she offers.


  • Fashion + Lifestyle Journalist
  • Fashion and Gift Market Editor (print + digital)
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Styling and Creative Direction
  • On Air Fashion + Lifestyle Expert
  • Brand Consultant, Social Media Marketing

*please email Vanessa at to inquire about working together


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